Free & Clear

Ultra Gentle Laundry Soap

with Powerful Cleaning Enzymes

For synthetic & natural fabrics

Eliminates the strongest odors

Removes the toughest stains

ZERO dyes, fragrances, phosphates, phtalates, parabens and compromises.

Specially formulated for the most sensitive skin

Our hypoallergenic laundry detergent is specifically formulated to be gentle on skin yet tough on stains and odors. By removing harsh chemical ingredients, we avoid the main causes of skin irritation within everyday laundry detergents.

Great for clothing, linens, towels, and other washable items that come into contact with skin.

Gentle but tough, just like a Mother’s Touch

Hypoallergenic ingredients

Prevents color fading

Enzyme blend to fight stains

Dermotologist tested on humans

No artificial brighteners

Free & Clear Formula

Helping Women and Mothers

Every year Mother's Touch proudly donates a portion of our profits to The National Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund the fight to better treat and cure breast cancer.

Proudly Made Deep in the of Texas, USA

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